Support the Pocatello Non-Discrimination Ordinance

On October 23, I was getting coffee at 5th St Bagelry here in Pocatello, Idaho.  (A great coffee shop if some of you in Pocatello have never been).  When I was leaving I noticed the heading on the Idaho State Journal newspaper –  “LGBT ordinance on ballot: Pocatello voters to decide on nondiscrimination measure in May.”  People are attempting to repeal a non-discrimination ordinance that passed the city council in June.  As you can guess, since I’m bisexual, I was not very happy.  Especially since I have been trying to find productive outlets for 32 years of repressed anger because of homophobia.  My thoughts…start my own petition.

The petition is not aimed at stopping the vote on May 20, 2014.  The aim is to inform people about the issue and to send a message of solidarity.  If the people of Pocatello are informed then hopefully they will vote.  For those who sign the petition that are outside of Pocatello, their signature lets those in the LGBT community of Pocatello know they are not alone in this fight.

They had over 2000 signatures to their petition.  Let’s make ours 10 times that.

To show your support, please sign this petition.


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