The Pocatello Non-Discrimination Ordinance.

There is always the good news and the bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news.  Get it out of the way.  An election was held on November 5 for mayor of Pocatello and several city council seats.  Most of the candidates that were in support of the ordinance did not win.  This means that we could have a council who is not in favor of the ordinance and could rescind it without notice.  Hopefully, they will allow the vote to happen in May but this puts us at a disadvantage.

Now the good news.  I am still as passionate about equality for EVERYONE, not just Pocatello, ID.  I have begun working with people in Pocatello who support equality and want our ordinance to stay in place.  I am working on a campaign to go along with this site to educate people and hopefully bring this community together in a positive way.

We can not do this alone.  We need everyone’s help and support to keep Pocatello a welcoming town that embraces the differences in its citizens.

I am asking everyone to spread the word about the vote on May 20 and to sign the petition supporting the ordinance.  We can still send a message that this protection is needed to ward off discrimination.


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