Love and Hate

“In this world, there is right and there is wrong…And that distinction is not difficult to make. The powers we have…The things we do…They’re meant to inspire ordinary citizens…Not intimidate them…Not terrify them.” – Superman in Kingdom Come

There is good and evil in the world.  That is overstating the obvious.  These events, good/bad, right/wrong, or whatever descriptive term you would like to use, are driven by people. Again, this is a given.  It is our responsibility to find that good that people do.  Help those that help others.  Unfortunately, we also have to bring to light the bad people do for the sake of justice.  Here is where I attempt to recognize some of that good and bad plus, help shift the focus off of events that have garnered more attention than necessary.

I had never heard of Irena Sendler.  Someone posted her picture and story on Facebook.  Irena Sendler was a candidate for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize because she saved the lives of 2500 Jewish children during the Holocaust.  In my personal opinion, she have not worked another day in her life.  Let me reiterate something because this cannot be overstated.  There are at least 2500 families alive today because of this woman.

Irena Sendler died in 2008.  It took five years after she passed for me to read about her.  That saddens me beyond belief.   Now, I am hoping to help spread the word about Irena so everyone can know about this courageous woman.  What kills me the most about this is simply how much I hear about the ridiculous drama of reality TV and sports stars.  And I don’t watch reality TV or sports.  Besides the basic bickering and relationship problems, here is one prime example.

Phil Robertson.  Everyone knows he made some racist and homophobic remarks in an interview with GQ.

Now, I want to put this into a little perspective for everyone.

Irena Sendler – saved thousands of lives during one of the most horrific massacres of people in modern history.  All of this at the risk of her own life.  Both her arms and legs were broken by Nazis.  On top of that, she did not win the Nobel Prize she deserved.

Phil Robertson – makes duck calls.

I don’t give a fuck what Phil Robertson thinks of me.  Does he have the right to say what he did? Yes.  Does A&E have the right to suspend him because of it?  Of course.  It goes against what the company wants to represent.  Do I want to hear about it incessantly?   No, I want to hear about the Irena Sendlers of the world.  Dead or alive.  Those are the people I care to know exist.

Here are some more examples of the good/bad:

Good:  J.K. Rowling lost her “billionaire” status because of how much she has given to charities.

Bad:  People died or were attacked on black Friday because of other peoples’ greed.  (Needless to say..I don’t believe in or shop on black Friday.)

Good:  The United States, currently, has 18 states that allow and recognize same-sex marriages.  They should be simply recognized as marriages but who am I to complain.  Progress is progress.

Bad:Russia passed a law this year banning any promotion of homosexuality.  Uganda passed a law recently making it illegal to be or practice homosexuality with a sentence of life in prison.

Good: There have been dramatic advances in the research into HIV/Aids that could possibly lead to a vaccine in the near future.

Bad: Measles, pertussis, and whooping cough are on the rise because parents are not getting their children vaccinated.  All of this is due to a group who are advocating against vaccinations.  Their claim is that there is a link to vaccines and autism.  The doctor and research that they base this claim on has been discredited numerous times.

What I want Humanity Engine to do is promote the good and fix the wrong.  The more we promote and spread the wonderful works and ideas people have, the better off we will all be.  We will raise the proverbial bar.  How do we also solve the issues of the world?  What else can we do to recognize those that are spending their lives improving or saving ours?  Please, let this rant be something of a conversation starter.  Let’s discuss what positive changes we make moving foward.

If you want to add your input, you can do so here or Humanity Engine is on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Google+.


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